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About US

Art & Craft is real soul of India as it is land of rich heritage and culture. Indian people are very passionate about handicrafts and handmade items that looks stunning and enhance the beauty of every space. We at are offering thousands varieties of handicrafts and handmade items all over India. Our beautiful and authentic handicrafts are affordable and unique that you cannot get anywhere else. Our products are masterpieces prepared by experienced and highly-skilled artists. We value the talent of our artist and provide them an environment to put their creativity into our handicrafts.

Our Mission

Our Mission We aim to deliver high-quality and genuine products all over India. We want to promote India’s art and craft and authentic Indian tradition and believe that our exclusive online platform will be effective enough to offer the same to the people. We also aim to aware people about Indian craft and providing support to the next generation of craft families.

Our Vision

Our Vision To reach all those people who are die-hard fan of Indian Crafts and decorative. We look forward to make Indian handicrafts products available worldwide. First, we aim to glorify India with best and unique handicrafts.




 Pankaj Chaudhary is the Founder of AbhicaryaLane Pvt Ltd,a company that helps SMB’s go online. Belongs from Gorakhpur,Uttar Pradesh,Though he possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering but he is also, well complimented to alliance his fervor with a solid vision for Internet Marketing.An entrepreneur at heart, he is doggedly determined to simplify ecommerce for millions of small businesses in India. He always felt a strong penchant towards entrepreneurship, working on social matters and helping others. Pankaj’s motto was Creating a platform to step into the realm of showing products to the domestic as well as international marketplace.Pankaj travels in rural and outer parts of India in search of finest artisans so they can get the platform by Abhicarya and let the primordial traditional artisans to know their pervasive talent in the easiest way and offer employment to rural India. As he has lots of experience in E-commerce and he better knows how to sell the products online with profits, the key source for his entrepreneurial initiative are artisans who all are not getting the value for their hard work.  


Join the growing abhicaryalane universe and get a chance to create history.

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